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Aerial Drone Photography in Formby – Property Development


Aerial drone photography of property development in Formby, Merseyside

JSM Building Maintenance from Liverpool contacted Upshot Photos to request high-quality aerial drone photography of their new-build property development in Formby, to use in their marketing and social media channels.

And these beautiful detached houses certainly look just as lovely from the air as they do from street level.

With drone photography there’s often a temptation to fly very high and look down but some of the best photos are taken from a height that’s just out of reach – unless you happen to be 15 foot tall!

We had to get special permission for this job as this property development is located within the air traffic zone of Woodvale RAF base which means our drones are geofenced – locked and prevented from taking off.

It’s a fairly simple process as long as you’re licensed, as we are (by the CAA) to do aerial drone photography work like this.

Are you interested in aerial drone photography for your business?

If you’re interested in having some promotional aerial drone photography done whilst you’re working, please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss what you have in mind.

Upshot Photos will always carefully research and consider the geographical location of the shoot and attempt to choose the best time and best weather available to achieve the best natural lighting for the shots.

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