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Drone photography at Southport Pier — again!

Drone photography is just like any other photography — you can set up the composition and camera settings but most likely you’ll still need to do lots of editing once you get them onto the computer. To be honest, that’s a big part of the fun — playing with the look and feel of the images you’ve captured to set a mood.

Southport’s a lovely scenic place and a nice sunset over the pier always draws the crowds — there were plenty of people dotted along the sea wall to watch this one with the temperature around 22˚c at 10pm.

And getting the drone into the position to capture all the lights trailing away into the distance was no easy task. It’s a shot I’ve take a few times now but I never get tired of it because the pier disappearing into the sunset seems to create some kind of subliminal mystery in the mind’s eye.

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