Aerial drone photography

Drone Roof Inspections

Drone roof inspections can be a very economical and time saving way to identify damage or decay on difficult to read parts of your property. We can get up close and take high resolution photos of areas like:

  • Gutters
  • Fascias
  • Ridge tiles
  • Flashing
  • Chimney stacks

Have a look at some examples below or in the gallery

At Upshot Photos we are never surprised by the range of activities we’re asked to photograph and you can find example prices of our typical workload below. We love to talk about drones, flying and photography — and especially client projects, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and see what we can offer.

Drone photo and video prices

Upshot Photos has a selection of the latest high-quality drones and more than 25 years of image editing experience. We are also fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and comprehensively insured for commercial drone activity.