Roof Inspections with Drones

We are your number one choice for roof inspections with drones with huge experience surveying roofs of both domestic and commercial properties across Merseyside and the north west.

Roof inspections with drones can be a very economical and time saving way to identify damage or decay on difficult to reach parts of your property like the chimneys and gutters. We can get up close and take high resolution photos of areas including:

  • Roof slates
  • Chimneys
  • Ridge tiles
  • Gutters
  • Fascias
  • Flashing

Have a look at some examples of our drone roof inspections, below or in the gallery

Roof inspections with drones — how it works…

First of all it’s important to let you know we do roof inspections by drone in Southport, Liverpool and across Merseyside and the northwest… Here’s how it works:

1) It starts with an email or phonecall…

And for roof inspection with drones we always respond quickly with clear communication. As soon as we have all the details house or commercial property and the details of the roof problems you’re experiencing, you’ll have a price within a couple of hours.

2) Pre-visit safety checks and planning

Next we carry out all the necessary checks to make sure it’s safe and legal to do roof inspection with a drone in your location. This can involve checking for NOTAMs (temporary flying restrictions) as well as your proximity to airports, prisons and power stations. If all of this comes up clear — we can begin…

3) We do the roof inspection by drone

We will visit your location and depending on the size and location of the property, we will either conduct a manual roof inspection with one of our drone or use special software to automate the flying and photo video capture. This technique is especially useful when conducting commercial roof inspections by drone.

4) Final compilation and delivery

Following the visit visit, we can either process the photos and video clips (if required) in order to professionally enhance the details to help identify and roof defects to drone have spotted during the roof inspection by drone. Finally we deliver the images digitally via an online folder from which you can either view and share or download to your computer.

drone survey found holes in roof from missing tiles

From the Top Down: Roof Inspections with Drones in the UK

In the United Kingdom, roof inspections have been revolutionised by the use of drones. These aerial devices offer a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for assessing the condition of roofs. With advanced technology and skilled operators, our drone-based roof inspections provide accurate and detailed reports, identifying issues such as leaks, damage, or wear and tear. Trust in our expertise to deliver comprehensive inspections, ensuring the longevity and safety of your roof. Discover the benefits of our drone-assisted inspections today.

We Streamline Roof Inspections with Modern Drone Software

At Upshot we unlock the future of efficient roof inspections with our advanced roof inspection software for drones. Our UK-based solution uses with state-of-the-art technology, enabling precise and cost-effective assessments. Say goodbye to manual inspections and hello to automated, high-resolution drone inspections that save time and money. Elevate your roofing inspections by trusting us with our GPS mapping programs and editing packages, designed to enhance accuracy and productivity in every roof inspection. Trust in our expertise to revolutionise your roof inspection process today.

drone roof inspections

Roof Inspections with Drones for Precision and Efficiency

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, roof inspections with drones have modernised the way we identify roofing problems. By deploying drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, our services offer unparalleled accuracy and speed. Our experienced team utilises drone technology to identify even the most subtle issues, like cracked or shifted roof and ridge tiles, crumbling chimney pointing and broken gutters, allowing for quick and cost-effective repairs. Say goodbye to risky manual inspections and hello to the future of roofing surveys. Discover how our drone-powered inspections can safeguard your property and budget today.

The benefits of using drones for roof inspections

Our roof roof inspection by drone services allow us to collect data for the full height of the house or commercial building without the need for a cherry picker or scaffolding. It’s amore cost effective way of inspecting elevated areas than using time consuming traditional methods.

At Upshot Photos we are never surprised by the range of activities we’re asked to photograph and you can find example prices of our typical workload below. We love to talk about drones, flying and photography — and especially client projects, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and see what we can offer.

Example prices for drone roof inspections

Job type Media Price
Domestic roof inspection Photo £100
Large house roof survey Photo & Video £200
Commercial (factory/warehouse) Photo & Video £250

Images collected with roof inspections by drone

Upshot Photos has a selection of the latest high-quality drones and more than 25 years of image editing experience. We are also fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and comprehensively insured for commercial drone activity.