Aerial drone photography

We offer drone roof survey service to homeowners as well as roofing contractors — a professional service including high-resolution photography and video, if required, to reduce the cost and time associated with roof maintenance and repair work. See the samples. Upshot Photos is Civil Aviation Authority licensed and approved.

Save money with a drone roof survey service

Benefit financially from using a drone to survey a roof and save the time it would take to construct scaffolding or even just climb a ladder and to the roof to check for damage that may need maintenance. See the samples.

Our drones can get up high to see what’s important:

  • Damaged or missing roof tiles
  • Brickwork chimneys that may need repointing
  • Ridge tiles
  • Flashing
  • Gutters, fascias and drainage
  • The effects of bad weather
drone survey found holes in roof from missing tiles
Drone roof survey FAQs

Most of the time, we just need to prepare with a simple pre-site survey and we need to be blessed with some reasonable weather — IE not raining and not too windy. See the samples.

Our roofing contractor clients all say the same thing when we ask for feedback:

This saves me going up there – it’s like standing on the roof and looking down to see what needs doing — except I don’t need to get the ladders out!


Our drone cameras take exceptionally high quality photos (see the samples) using 20MP Hasselblad sensors and lenses and we’d always recommend viewing them on a some kind of computer monitor to be able to appreciate the detail in its entirety.

However, a good quality phone or tablet screen will also produce good results when viewing our roof survey drone photos.

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