FPV Drone Videos in Liverpool

We offer FPV drone video services in Liverpool, the North West and beyond for all kinds of productions including:

FPV drone videos are nothing short of spectacular — and now we can capture all that excitement for you in stunning 4K resolution for your web, TV or social media productions with professionally edited videos, complete with licensed sound tracks.

The finished product of this fast-action close-up video content can draw the attention and give the viewer an immersive ‘what-it’s-like’ experience as they’re pulled into the world of your event or property.

FPV for property & construction

FPV for sports & events

FPV is especially good for estate agents dealing in prestige property — a fly through video can give remote viewers the experience of ‘what it’s like’ to glide through the rooms of a house — without leaving their own sofa!

Using an FPV drone to gather footage on construction sites can add an extra edge for social media marketing or management meetings.

And used in combination with the traditional aerial footage we can film with our fleet of drones, with 3D augmented-reality captions, we can provide a combination and wide and close up contextual aspects to make your promo videos stand out from the crowd.

How is FPV drone video different?

FPV (first-person view) typically uses a different type of drone which is smaller and more agile, along with controls and goggles that allow the pilot to perform more intricate manoeuvres and fly through gaps which would be more more tricky for a normal camera drone.

This is because the goggles give the pilot the feeling of actually being onboard the drone with a much clearer view of its surroundings whilst flying — hence the name FPV (first-person view).

Which FPV drones do we use?

DJI Avata 2 FPV droneAt Upshot Photos we exclusively use DJI drones and that includes our FPV equipment, the DJI Avata 2.

This is actually DJI’s 3rd attempt at FPV and it’s widely regarded as their best yet with multiple control options ranging from complete beginner to full manual.

Some traditional FPV pilots may look down on it because traditionally FPV has been a very home-brew arrangement with lots of modification and tinkering to get your kit just right.

But DJI’s position as kings of the consumer drone market allow people to bypass that side of things and ‘just get flying’ with excellent video quality and transmission, straight out of the box.

So what is FPV good for?

FPV drone video clips certainly catch the eye more effectively than normal camera drone footage but we tend to use a combination of both in our drone video productions.

That allows us to collect wider views of scenes but then fly through to show closer aspects of premises and interiors which hopefully attracts attention in the way our clients want to achieve.

Check here soon for more examples of how FPV video can help showcase your business or event.

Example prices for FPV drone video productions

Contract lengthFPV video shootVideo editingLicensed music3D text effectsPrice per visit
One-off visit£500
One-off visit£400
12 month£450
12 month£375
24 month£400
24 month£350

FPV drone video FAQs

FPV drones tend to be flown closer to the ground so there can be a greater risk of interaction with people.

However, this can be mitigated by:

  • Ensuring the most ‘sterile’ possible area in which to fly;
  • The fact that the pilot is wearing goggles with a direct connection to the wide-angle camera on the front of the drone which provides an excellent view of the surroundings;
  • The use of a competent observer or ‘spotter’ to communicate potential risks to the pilot — this is actually a legal requirement;
  • The use of propeller guards

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that FPV drone can actually be as safer than traditional camera drones when used properly.

Yes we do! The longer the contract or greater frequency of visits, the better value we can offer.

That’s a consideration for every job we do and we’ll work with you to rearrange for a suitable alternative date.

For every job we do with our drones we have to pre-plan to make sure we’re operating safely. This can include contacting local businesses and even air traffic control at nearby airports to make sure we have authorisation to fly.