360˚ Drone Photos and Interactive Panoramas

360˚ Drone Photos are a great way to provide an interactive view of your site, premises or location and here at Upshot Photos we can produce them up to an incredible 374 megapixels!

After shooting all the separate frames, we colour correct them and ‘stitch’ them together to produce one huge image which we upload to our gallery.

Then you can share or embed on them your own website or social media accounts — or even just to share them with colleagues via email.

The photos don’t have to be public, they can be set for your own internal use if required.

We can even make multiple views from the different locations at your site so visitors can interact with different areas — see the sample below.

Why should you use panoramic 360˚ Drone Photos?

There are many reasons you might want to use panoramic 360˚ Drone Photos, here’s a few examples:

  • Exhibitions: Provide website visitors with an interactive map of your indoor or outdoor event to familiarise themselves before they attend
  • Stadiums: Give your website and social media visitors an interactive tour of your sports facility from the comfort of their own computer or smart device
  • Tourism: Let people explore your facility or attraction so they can see all you have to offer before they attend

Why hire Upshot instead of another drone operator?

Nobody likes a show-off so I’m not going to claim to be the best operator around but here’s a list of good reasons you might want to hire me:

  • I’ve had an interest in photography for many, many years and that’s what got me into drones – not the other way around. I look at some operators’ work whilst they’ve clearly invested in some decent kit, photography may not be their strongest skill.
  • I’m qualified and insured. Hiring someone with the correct qualifications and cover for the job is so important these days as the rules and regulations are updated regularly. So staying on the right side of the law, for safety reasons, is something I take very seriously.
  • Upshot has a range of lightweight and ‘pro-sumer’ drones with incredibly high-tech that can fly long distances at high speed whilst filming in 4K and sending a live video feed back to the controller for monitoring purposes.
  • There’s more info here or you could get in touch now using my details below, and let’s discuss your requirements.