Drone Construction Site Updates

Drone construction site updates are a great way to monitor progress of your building projects and we can offer cost-saving discounts for long-term video and photo contracts for clients in that are assembling Britain’s homes, factories and infrastructure.

We can offer ad-hoc (unscheduled) drone construction site updates or monthly or bi-monthly plans to suit all budgets. The photos and video are ideal for planners and architects to see what’s happening and for use in management meetings, stakeholder updates, social media posts and marketing material.

We can even supply interactive 360˚ tours — click here to view an example

Drone construction site update video example

Example prices for drone construction site updates

Contract lengthPhotoVideoVideo editing360˚ tourGPS MappingPrice per visit
12 month£350
24 month£300

How our drone building site updates work…

1) It starts with an email or phonecall…

And we always respond quickly with clear communication. As soon as we have all the details for your construction project, you’ll have a price within 24hrs.

2) Choose your drone services and frequency

We can do weekly, monthly or bi-monthly visits to your construction site. For bigger projects with more frequent visits we can offer more competitive prices and even work with you to make ad-hoc visits to get drone footage of special building processes and machinery in action.

3) Consistent GPS-based results

Our construction clients often ask for pre-planned flying routes in addition to ad-hoc drone footage and photos. We use special software and simulators to pre-plan GPS-based drone routes that we fly on every visit, so you get consistent results and drone footage of the pre-determined shots.

4) Final compilation and delivery

Following each visit, we can either supply the raw drone shots digitally for your team to edit, or we can provide fully edited video clips with licensed music, your logos and captions.

The drone construction update equipment we use:

Drone Photo Video Zoom GPS Auto Mapping Use in Congested Areas
DJI mini 3 Pro 12Mp 4K 1X Yes Yes
DJI Air 2S 20Mp 5.4K 1X Yes With restrictions
DJI Mavic 3 Pro 20Mp 4K 1X, 3X, 7X No With restrictions

Recent drone building site examples…

The benefits of drone construction progress monitoring

Stay up-to-date with construction progress

Drones can offer accurate and up-to-date information into the progress of your building projects, and this gives project managers the tools to closely monitor the way building projects are shaping up. This capability enables the quick identification and adjustment of anything that looks like it could have potential to cause complications or delays.

Streamlined your company’s resource deployment

With the use of drone technology for construction progress monitoring, project managers can quickly pinpoint areas of waste and inefficiency, allowing them to be more efficient in their strategies and planning.

Streamline your project administration

The utilisation of drones for construction progress updates can deliver both broad and closely targeted perspectives of the construction site using both high-resolution photo and video. This can allow project managers to spot potential hazards and make informed judgments based on up-to-date information.

And finally… (as if that’s not enough)…

Drone technology has introduced a quiet revolution in the construction sector. With its capacity to deliver real-time visuals into construction progress, bolster safety protocols and optimise financial resource allocation, it’ now an essential tool at the disposal of project managers, architects and construction companies.

By embracing this aerial innovation, builders have the opportunity to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and consistently deliver projects on time and within budget. And you can’t say fairer than that!

Drone construction site updates FAQs

Yes we do! The longer the contract or greater frequency of visits, the better value we can offer.

Some companies set limits but not us! Once we’re on site and the drone is up in the air, clicking the shutter takes just a moment and if it looks interesting we get you images of general overviews and close-up construction processes being undertaken.

That’s a consideration for every job we do and we’ll work with you to rearrange for a suitable alternative date.

For every job we do with our drones we have to pre-plan to make sure we’re operating safely. This can include contacting local businesses and even air traffic control at nearby airports to make sure we have authorisation to fly.