Motion-tracked augmented reality effects — the ideal solution for drone-based construction video projects

If you’re in the construction industry and you use drone photography and videography services to record the progress on your projects, then have you considered adding a little bit of extra pizzazz by hiring Upshot Photos and taking advantage of the motion-tracked augmented reality effects we can produce?

What can you do with it?

Using state-of-the-art graphics software, we can superimpose

  • Perimeter borders
  • Text
  • Animated icons
  • Blueprints
  • Graphics
  • Coming soon will be the ability to place fully 3D modelled objects like houses and other buildings into drone-filmed footage

But why do I need this?

These kind of effects are ideal for management meetings in order to communicate construction ideas and progress landmarks to your colleagues and clients alike.

…so what should I do?

Take the first steps by contacting Upshot Photos now on: 01704 466 448 or
07590 406 669